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 This fantastic course designed for those dog owners who want to get their geek on and delve a little further into the science behind canine stress!


'THE STRESS CLINIC' will give you a true and deeper understanding of your stressed dog and will not only give the tools, but the knowledge to start helping your best friend to de-stress! (and prevent them from becoming overly stressed in the first place).


The course is 100% online and can be completed at your and dogs own pace. Not only that, but you have access to your course FOR LIFE! What do we cover in the course? I'll tell you...


We discuss what exactly stress is and get deep down into the science of it, we look at what causes stress, and we get really geeky over the physiological changes and the possible longer term effects, we learn how to identify the onset of stress in our dogs at its earliest signs, learn how to prevent and manage stress, we learn all about decompression and how to implement it and we take a look at how we change the emotional response and behaviours.






Using non-invasive training techniques, teach your dog to enjoy the muzzle and feel comfortable wearing it, by following this simple step by step, video tutorial.

But your dogs not reactive or aggressive??

Muzzle training is still a fantastic skill to have in your tool box! Vet visits are just one example of when you might find your dog having to be muzzled. Especially if they have to be admitted overnight!


Not only that but muzzles are useful to protect surgical wounds, for dogs who eat foreign objects on walks, during the initial intervention of modifying behaviours such as clothes grabbing/pulling and leash chewing... plus much more.


Are you tired of being dragged down the street by your dog? Do you dream of your dog walking calmly by your side but you can't make it to class?


Yes?! Then this is for you!


My remote learning, fully online, practical training course is DEDICATED to Loose Leash Training and includes access to my special FB group dedicated to the LOOSE LEADERS, which will give you video demonstration recap video's of each class, troubleshooting video demonstrations and you can also post your questions and personal progress videos for further help.


But, this is MUCH MORE than just teaching your dog not to pull on the leash You will also increase your dog to handler focus and engagement skills, strengthen the bond and trust between you and your dog, achieve control without the need of physical force or restraint (both on AND off leash) AND if that's not enough... You and your dog will have LOT'S of fun training together and increasing your tool box of skills.


Sign Up right now and start your training journey today, you're just a click away from achieving your goals.


"Let's Talk Rescue Dogs" is a an online, self paced video course, and is Module 1 of the full course "Rescue Ready" and a must have for all new rescue dog guardians, fosterers and rescue organisations.


In this mini version we cover the following curriculum:


• Welcoming Your New Rescue Dog.

• Those First Crucial Days.

• Avoid Common Mistakes

• Building Trust


What are you awaiting for? Available Now!

Interested in the full course? RESCUE READY is the ULTIMATE support guide covering everything from welcoming your new dog, stress and anxiety, and practical training and life skills such as my detailed step by step Loose Leash module.


The ULTIMATE online, training and behaviour support guide for rescue dog owners is now available!


This is a fully online, self paced course suitable and recommended for anyone involved with or is a guardian of rescue dogs!


We cover practical training for those early days including loose leash skills, dog to handler focus, recall and some sexy heelwork. We discuss transitioning your new rescue dog into your home and the common mistakes to avoid! Not only that, but we take a deep dive into stress and anxiety, and there are even a few extra BONUS geek outs for those who are left just wanting more!


AND, if that's not enough, once you've enrolled you have the course FOR LIFE so you can refer back to it any time! And watch out for more bonus content being added at later dates There's one more thing... you also get access to my very special PRIVATE FB group for continued support where you can ask questions, receive free content and share a community with other rescue dog owners going through the same things as you.

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